Pharma sciences of tomorrow
15th to 17th September 2022, Ljubljana, Slovenia

About BBBB


About BBBB and Event


The BBBB International Conferences have been initiated under the auspices of EUFEPS by the joint proposal of four founder countries’ associations: the Estonian Academical Society of Pharmacy and the Finnish Pharmaceutical Society (Baltic), the Hungarian Society for Pharmaceutical Sciences (Balaton), the Slovenian Pharmaceutical Society (Bled), the Turkish Pharmaceutical Technology Scientists’ Association (Bosphorus), and later also the Finnish Pharmaceutical Society (Baltic). The founding board consisted of Prof. Dominique Duchene (APGI, France), prof. Istvan Hermecz (HSPS, Hungary), prof. Atilla Hincal (TÜFTAD, Turkey), prof. Hans Linden (EUFEPS), prof. Aleš Mrhar (SPS, Slovenia), prof. Christian R. Noe (EUFEPS) and prof. Peep Veski (EPS, Estonia). The main purposes were to support young, bright and future promising scientists from these regions, to create close scientific contacts between founding and participant countries’ scientists and to share the state-of-the art level information during scientific program covering all important aspects of the pharmaceutical sciences. BBBB Conferences also aim to create strong and stable background for permanent dialogue between pharmacists and other scientists, over and above the traditional European connections in the fields of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Drug Research & Development. The 1st BBBB conference was hosted by Siófok, Hungary (2005), followed by Talinn-tartu, Estonia (2007), Antalya, Turkey (2009), Bled, Slovenia (2011), Athens, Greece (2013), Helsinki, Finland (2015), Balatonfüred, Hungary (2017) and the last by Izmir, Turkey (2019).

Slovenia is proud to be the host country of the 9th BBBB conference, which will be held in Ljubljana. The three-day Conference will feature focused panels in all areas of pharmaceutical sciences to establish an informative and successful BBBB Congress with the goal of bringing the community together and strengthening the BBBB scientific network. The program will consist of plenary and keynote lectures by well-known experts in various fields of pharmaceutical sciences, from all BBBB partners and the wider scientific community. There will also be ample opportunities for younger researchers to present their findings in the form of oral presentations and posters in an international setting. The conference will provide an opportunity for the exchange of scientific ideas between young and established scientists and professionals, as well as between people from academia, industry and regulatory authorities.

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University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Pharmacy


Entrance to University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Pharmacy

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