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Community pharmacists’ section at the Slovenian Pharmaceutical Society and the Slovene Chamber of Pharmacies organize several activities to increase patients´ awareness of the importance of correct, proper and safe use of medicinal products. Most of the activities take place on the Slovenian pharmacies’ day, the 26th of September, the feast day of saints Cosmas and Damian, patron saints of pharmacists. For this occasion Slovenian Pharmaceutical Society publishes information booklet for lay public. In the past eight years numerous topics were covered: Proper and safe use of medicinal products, Medicinal products and traffic safety, Medicinal products and children, Medicinal products and adolescents, Medicinal products and elderly, Medicinal products and self-medication, Medicinal products and chronically ill patients. On the Slovenian pharmacies’ day the booklets are freely distributed to visitors in all Slovenian community pharmacies.
PDF versions of booklets are available on:

On May 2011, a handbook for patients SELFMEDIACATION, has been published. From the Content: 35 simptomes, appropriate for selfmedication, protocols how to treat them, case studies, medicinal substances for each symptom…For more see: