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If you are interested in more than what you can read on this page, we invite you to contact the SFD office via e-mail or telephone +386 1 569 26 03.

The beginnings of pharmacists associating dates back to 1945, but the legal and formal basis for the establishment of an independent society of pharmacists was obtained in 1950.

In 2020, we celebrated 70 years of operation, but due to the COVID-19 epidemic, we could not celebrate this jubilee properly. However, we managed to publish the jubilee issue of the Farmacevtski Vestnik journal.

In 1961, pharmaceutical technicians also joined the Society. From the very beginning, members within the Society have been grouped into branches according to the regional principle and into sections according to their professional interests. Today, activities take place in 9 branches and 12 sections.

SFD branches (Podružnice) are organized by geographical area, so we have:

The CELJE branch, the GORENJSKA branch, the DOLENJSKA branch, the LJUBLJANA branch (the largest branch), the MARIBOR branch, the POMURJE branch, the POSAVSKA branch, the PRIMORSKA branch and the ZASAVSKA branch.

Professionally, the members are connected in sections, namely, 12 sections are currently operating:

  • Section of Pharmaceutical Technologists
  • Section of Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • Section of Hospital Pharmacists
  • Section of Clinical Pharmacists
  • Homeopathic Section
  • Community Pharmacy Section
  • Section of Pharmaceutical Technicians
  • Senior Section
  • Student Section
  • Regulatory Section
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry Section
  • History of Pharmacy Section


Since 1975, the Society has been awarding its most deserving members Minařik’s Medals, and since 1990, Minařik’s Awards as well. The awards are named after our well-known historian of pharmacy, prof. Franc Minařik.

The operation of the Society is regulated by social acts, the members of the Society are bound by the code of pharmaceutical ethics of the SFD members.

The bodies of the Society are: the president of the SFD, the general assembly, the executive board, the supervisory board (3 members), the disciplinary court (7 members), the committee for awarding awards of the Society (7 members), responsible editors of periodicals and the publishing board (7 members). The executive board of the Society (Izvršni odbor: IO SFD) consists of one representative of each branch and section, and is headed by the president of the SFD. The mandate of the Society’s bodies is 2 years and can be renewed three more times. The Assembly is the highest body of the Society. The assembly can be regular or extraordinary. The regular assembly is convened by the executive board of the Society at least once a year. The current members of the Society’s bodies are listed on the link:

The Society is the strongest link between individual segments of Slovenian pharmacy, through which experts from industry, pharmacies, educational institutions and administration connect with each other.

The Society organizes various forms of professional and social meetings for its members and plays an important role in the process of professional development of Masters of Pharmacy, who must have a license to work. The professional training courses organized by the Society are evaluated by the Slovene Chamber of Pharmacy and classified as professional training courses that are taken into account when collecting license points.

At the national level, the most important professional meeting is the symposium at the regular annual assembly of the Society, which attracts a large number of members of the Society who work in various fields in pharmacy. Annual professional meetings organized by sections take place regularly. Branches organize monthly lectures in their regional settings.

We are also members of many international organizations and participate in the organization or promotion of international symposia under the auspices of these organizations:

  • FIP – The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP)
  • EUFEPS – The European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences (EUFEPS)
  • EAHP – The European Association of Hospital Pharmacists
  • EFMC – The European Federation for Medicinal chemistry and Chemical biology (EFMC)
  • ECH – The European Committee for Homeopathy (ECH)
  • EAPT – The European Association Of Pharmacy Technicians (EAPT)
  • ESCP – The European Society of Clinical Pharmacy (ESCP)
  • APV – The International Association for Pharmaceutical Technology


The periodical publication published by SFD is the Farmacevtski vestnik journal, which is registered in the media register of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Slovenia. Immediately after its foundation, the association started publishing the Farmacevtski vestnik (FV), which is still published continuously today. Its circulation grew from the original 400 to the current 3,600 copies. The Farmacevtski vestnik is a non-profit professional journal of Slovenian pharmacy, intended to publish transparent and original scientific and professional articles, news about innovations in the profession, other information concerning pharmacy, and information about the work of the Society. As a rule, it publishes contributions in Slovenian (with summary in English), except for professional articles by foreign authors, which it publishes in English (with a summary in Slovenian).

The authors are responsible for the data in the texts. Members of the Society receive the pharmaceutical journal free of charge. Other subscribers to the Farmacevtski vestnik pay a subscription.

Since 2005, the Farmacevtski vestnik has also been published on our website in e-form (freely available in pdf-form):

The Farmacevtski vestnik is co-financed by the Public Research Agency of the Republic of Slovenia (ARRS) from the state budget from the call for co-financing of domestic scientific periodicals.



Members of the Slovenian Pharmaceutical Society can become all pharmaceutical workers and other professional colleagues who work in pharmacy or similar environments, students of the Faculty of Pharmacy and students of the 4th year of the secondary school for pharmacy.

SFD members receive the Farmacevtski vestnik, can attend professional meetings of branches and sections and receive a certificate of participation (we organize a large number of free professional meetings), have access to online professional content, can claim a discount when paying registration fees at SFD events (when they are paid) and have the opportunity to participate in SFD social gatherings.

We inform members about the Society’s activities and innovations in the field of pharmacy, mostly by e-mail, posts on the website and FB profile.

An individual can register with a completed registration form and by signing a declaration that he will respect the Rules of the Society, the system legislation and the Code of Pharmaceutical Ethics of the members of the SFD. By submitting the registration form, the member agrees that the Slovenian Pharmaceutical Society collects and processes personal data, and uses it for information from the field of operation of the SPS, branches and sections to which the member joins, and for sending printed materials and internal statistical analysis of the structure of members.

The administrator of personal data is the Slovenian Pharmaceutical Society, which collects and processes data in accordance with the legislation in the field of personal data protection and in accordance with the adopted personal data protection regulations. For all information about the processing of personal data or the rights of the individual to whom the personal data relates (right to access, correction, deletion, restrictions on processing, transferability and objection), you can contact the controller of personal data, the Slovensko farmacevtsko društvo, Dunajska 184 A, 1000 Ljubljana by post, by e-mail at or by phone: (01) 569 26 03.

You become a member of the Society when you pay the registration fee (5 euros) and the membership fee. Membership terminates upon resignation, deletion, expulsion or death. The secretariat of the Society keeps a record of settled payments for the membership fee and deletes from the Society a member who is in arrears with the payment of the annual membership fee and has not settled it even after two written reminders.

To become a member of SFD, click on the link: (in Slovenian language only)

Membership fee for 2023

  • pharmacists (employees) €39
  • pharmaceutical technicians €27
  • seniors €22
  • students €16

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