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About the Society

Slovenian Pharmaceutical Society is the most important link between different segments of the Slovenian pharmaceutical community which is far more heterogeneous as in countries where the majority of pharmacists practice their profession in pharmacies. In Slovenia only 50 % of pharmacists are employed in pharmacies, most of the others in pharmaceutical industry and representative offices. A number of connections have been built on different levels among pharmacists employed in industry, pharmacy services, educational and scientific institutions and administrative services.


The Slovenian Pharmaceutical Society was founded at a meeting of the Slovenian pharmacists summoned on 25 and 26 February 1950. The first decade of the Society's exisitance was of major importance for the later foundation of the Institute of Pharmacy and Drug Control in 1955 and for the introduction of a complete university study course in pharmacy in 1961; a decision that at the beginning did not find support even among the professional colleagues. At that time a unifying process already went on among the Slovenian pharmacists on regional and professional principles. Pharmacists from the same region founded subsidiaries, on the other hand a number of connections have been built on the professional level amoung pharmacists employed in pharmacy services, technologists, scientists..... At the present time more than 3200 members of the Society are connected in 9 subsidiaries and in 11 sections.

Bodies of the Society

The Society is presented and represented by the President of the Society and in his/her absence, by the Vice President. The acts and documents are signed by the President, Vice President or Secretary General, financial documents are signed by the Secretary General or other members authorized by the Executive Committee of the Society.

General Assembly is the highest body of the Society.
The Society’s administrative body is the Executive Board led by the President of the Society. The board is composed of representatives of the subsidiaries and sections.

Other Bodies of the Society are: Executive Committee, Arbitration Court of Honour, Society Awards Conferring Committee, Editor and editor in chief of periodic publications, Publishing council.

Membership in the International Professional Associations

The Society's activity on the national and international level is reflected in its membership or the membership of its sections in a number of Associations, such as the FIP, EUFEPS, EAHP, EFMC, EHC, EPSA, IPSF, etc.